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Madelaine Cohen

Clinic Owner
Business Mentor, Author, Intuitive, Marketing & Brand Expert

Madelaine is the owner of Chirofamily. She is also a Business Mentor, Author, Intuitive, Brand and Marketing expert in the healthcare sector and service industries. Madelaine is an accomplished entrepreneur with more than 24 years of commercial expertise.

As a Business Mentor Madelaine uses her expertise, knowledge, intuition and experience to help practitioners and service industry business owners grow their business and revenue, attract and retain clients, set up marketing systems, develop a brand, measure success and have the confidence, know-how and steps to achieve life-changing business outcomes.

Madelaine started her first enterprise in Retail & Sports Marketing for Licensed Merchandise in 1994 and between then and 2007 she was involved in the Olympic, Commonwealth and Asian Games globally as an advisor to Organising Committees and Government and delivered multi-million dollar programs. Her achievements in delivering outstanding commercial outcomes led to her being selected as a Torchbearer in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Torch Relay. She was awarded a prestigious Olympic Merit for Service to the Olympic Movement by IOC President Samaranch in 2001.

She commenced her involvement with the Chirofamily (formerly Chirosports) business in 1999 and has always been instrumental in the development of the business systems, recruitment, training, brand development, marketing and clinic operations for 17 years. Madelaine isn’t a healthcare practitioner, she is a businessperson who believes that her learnings, successes and her hindsight are highly valuable in assisting practitioners to be the best commercial thinkers, marketers and communicators in the industry.

Madelaine has also been a presenter at industry events including the Chiropractors Association of Australia (CAA) Victoria AGM in 2014 and Dynamic Growth Experience (DGE) NSW in 2015.

Madelaine is the Author of “The Lateral-Thinking Entrepreneur” book series available from

For more information on Business Mentoring contact Madelaine at Chirofamily on 02 9398 3699.

Master Practitioner & Certified Trainer NLP (ABNLP)

Business Mentoring

  • Do you want to grow your business and be confident you are on track?
  • Would a few extra thousand dollars each week mean you’d sleep better at night?
  • Do you want new clients and struggle with knowing how to attract them?
  • Are you ready for proven strategies to retain clients and have an awesome income?
  • Healthcare Practitioners, do negative media headlines about your profession create worry for your future?
  • Are you increasingly unsure and feeling some intuitive insights may be helpful?   

We can help you!

Your skills, client care, knowledge and continued education in your profession are paramount. You have the ability to practice as a high quality, safe, diligent, thorough and highly ethical professional. Even with all of this in your favour, success in business is a real challenge.

You are an outstanding and qualified professional, so what’s the issue?

Let me ask you this question….

How much of your education to date has skilled you in business and marketing success?

In most healthcare practitioner and university courses one subject, in one semester, in the entire course is all the business training you’ll ever receive.  Courses in Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Natural Therapies, Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing are no different.

At best you’ve received a very basic overview of business, communication and marketing.

Yet your success in practice relies very heavily on your ability to be business savvy, communicate effectively and market your business everyday.

The service industry isn’t easy and taking a business course, especially when you are already in practice, is an expensive diversion pretty much out of the question.

We can help you with a unique solution!

Imagine having an on-call, as you need it, by the hour, Business Mentor who runs a successful practice and has a proven track record? An Intuitive Business Mentor who shares all of her success strategies over the phone!

You may be putting off having the business skills you know intuitively would make a difference and that’s okay.

What if you had an unexpected crisis in your business?

In 2013, one of Madelaine’s highest performing practitioners with a large established clientele had a serious and unexpected health crisis.

What would happen if you were ever in the same situation?

After a few weeks of chaos with the full-time practitioner on leave it looked as though he was well enough to return to work, so he did.

But that was not the end, it was just the beginning of the real uncertainty.

Within just two weeks of his return the health problem hit crisis point and he was forced to stop work.

The impact was immediate.

New resources needed to be sought and fast.

  • Creating and implementing a new plan for the business
  • Recruitment and training strategies
  • Communication with clients at a whole new level
  • Business optimisation
  • Cost saving strategies
  • New approaches to external and internal marketing
  • Income growth
  • New approach to generating profit
  • Redefining financial management

Could your business survive and thrive with major or even minor unexpected change? What if your industry is being challenged by regulations, community sentiment changes, an associate leaves, business starts to decline for no apparent reason, new clients disappear, competition sets up down the road, media stories bother you or you cannot work all of a sudden? 

Madelaine would love to share the outcome of her story of 17 years as the owner of a successful practice with you and all of the steps she takes. She will let you know about the business now and exactly how she made it happen.

It’s an incredible story.

Madelaine’s business hindsight can become your foresight and can help you create a brand new future.

Madelaine Cohen has owned a successful healthcare business for more than 17 years and today she employs more than 14 people including 7 full-time practitioners. She isn’t a practitioner herself. Madelaine is a businessperson, brand and marketing expert and a Business Mentor who shares all her strategies. She has also been a presenter at industry events including the Chiropractors Association of Australia (CAA) Victoria AGM in 2014 and Dynamic Growth Experience (DGE) NSW in 2015.

You can have the know-how and confidence in your business starting today.


With revolutionary business mentoring by the hour. As you need it by phone or skype.

Making an appointment is as easy as one phone call.

Call 02 9398 3699 to speak to Madelaine and book a life-changing Business Mentoring appointment today.