Thank You!

We encourage our community to follow Dr Johannes Hofferberth to his new location from February 2024

Dr Johannes Hofferberth is now located at:

Sydney Spinal Care, 116A Boyce Road, Maroubra NSW

Tel: 02 9314 1022 or Dr Hofferberth on 0421 882 843

Other Chiropractors you may consider for your ongoing Chiropractic care: 

  • Dr Kelly Ryan (Randwick)
  • Dr Steven Lockstone (Bondi Junction)
  • Dr Felicity Rollo (Randwick)
  • Dr Michelangelo Wegner (Randwick)
  • Dr Adrian Couzner (Sydney CBD)
  • Dr Bogdan Ilijasevic (Sydney CBD).

Patients wishing to request Medical Files or Health Fund Receipts please email: